First overnight houseguests

My sister and her family were in town for 2 weeks for their annual visit. The first week was on vacation together with my dad’s whole fam and the second was at my parents house visiting friends and family. Last year, we had an “all the kids at Aunt Reenie’s” sleepover which was great and worth repeating.


Unfortunately, timing was such that our only option for a sleepover was Friday night, halfway through the move. Never one to be deterred by the insanity of the details, I invited the kids for Friday night.  Friday afternoon I got the moving truck, a couple cousins and a brother and we moved the storage unit. Whew. We put stuff I knew I wanted immediately in the garage and stuff that was more basement/garage/ longer term storage in the pole barn. Furniture went in the house.

Owen stayed at the house waiting for the kids while I ran back to my parents for my painting clothes, pillows, and PJs. The kids arrived and immediately scoped out all the best fort locations. Geno took Suzie on a run (through briers and poison ivy) around the perimeter of the yard.There isn’t a lot of poison ivy, but he did find the one spot and charge right through it. And yes, I did make him wash in cold water with soap. Owen and the kids also built a teepee out of sticks (there are a LOT of sticks on the ground). Lucy was beyond thrilled and told me “This teepee is so much cooler than any tree house we might have built!” I don’t think she realizes it isn’t a permanent structure.

IMG_1769Lucy, charging up from the basement, eyes wide with excitement and headlamp blazing: “Reenie, I found the PERFECT spot for a fort. That spot under the stairs. It’s great.”

Ellie, showing Uncle D their stick teepee in the yard, “And these are our beds (pointing to a pile of sticks), and they’re pretty comfortable too!”

Geno, at breakfast: “Jane, you’re crazy. Ben, don’t you think she’s crazy?”  Ben: “Well, I don’t actually know because I only see her once a year.”

Suzie thought she was in heaven, surrounded by her favorite munchkins. The girls claimed one room, and the boys the other.  Both fought over who would get Suzie. There was a lot of giggling, chatting, happy kid noises late into the night, as I put the final coat of paint on the living room so as to be ready for the move the next morning. And all I could think was that it is a fitting way to begin life in the little house.


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