The story of the house

It is kind of funny how it all came about. I had seen this house online a long time ago, before I’d even really decided to sell the Nichols Homestead.

IMG_1734It is on 2 acres, in Ypsilanti Township, quite close to my parents and about half of my friends. And it is adorable, as you can see. Anyway, I stalked it online for awhile and watched the price dropping and dropping. Still didn’t sell. Dropping some more. By the time I had my house on the market and wanted to see it, there was an offer pending.

A month or so later, I noticed the listing was active again. I called my realtor immediately and asked to see it. He played phone tag with the listing agent for days but finally got us a time to see it. As we walked in the door and I seriously fell in love with the place, he told me the bad news: there were already several offers pending and the realtor indicated they wouldn’t even entertain another one. What?? Heartbreak. The place is awesome. Oh not without considerable maintenance needed and a zillion projects calling my name, but maybe that’s part of the charm. Clearly this place needs a Reenie. And a couple energetic dogs running around on the 2 acres of gorgeousness.

Well, I firmly believe God has a plan. And clearly this isn’t the house if I can’t even put an offer on it!! So I continued to look at other houses, finding very few houses that I even wanted to look at. I looked at a lot of houses. They were too far away, too ugly, the yard was too small… ugh. It was starting to feel pretty bleak. And really I just wanted one like this house. Huge yard, quaint house with lots of personality, great price…

And then, one Monday night I notice that I have a text from my friend saying she gave her mother-in-law my phone number. That’s right. My small town life scores big time. My friend’s husband’s parents (technically related since it’s my brother’s wife’s sister’s husband’s parents) live across the street on this tiny dirt private road. They knew I had looked at it and wanted it, but that other offers were pending. That same evening I got a message from my friend’s mother in law that she’d talked to the owner and the deal was falling through, something about the buyer’s financing. Call immediately!

So I emailed my realtor right then (at 11 pm) and he called the seller’s agent first thing in the morning saying he heard it was going to be re-listed and we wanted to make an offer. The agent was amazed and couldn’t figure out how he knew! She kept pumping him for how he knew and he admitted I knew one of the neighbors. She paused and then told him to have me write the offer. She gave us the amount the short sale is approved for and said to offer that with a good down payment and conventional financing (already my plan). The offer was accepted immediately. Woo hoo!! We didn’t even have to go back to the bank for an extension because they had just approved the short sale amount.

At my inspection, I could see there were some changes that they did to get ready for the previous inspection (an FHA loan, which has a lot more requirements) and I suspect they were unable to get through that inspection without considerable upgrades being required to get that loan. Although it does look suspiciously like God was just saving the house for me.

My inspection went well. No major surprises. It is somehow comforting to see that I’d already noted most of the items the inspector did in terms of maintenance and repairs needed.  Many of the major items have been done within the last 6 years: roof, electrical updates, new well, furnace, etc. so a lot of what it needs is the smaller stuff: outside trim painted / replaced, door jams replaced, siding repairs (eventual replacement), the list goes on and on.

After the usual agony of trying to buy a house:  inspection details, mortgage applications, short sale drama, private road drama, etc., we closed on schedule and the house is mine!!

The house stats:

  • 3 bedrooms (all pretty small, 2 upstairs, 1 on main floor)
  • Michigan basement (small, very Michigan basementy)
  • 1 full bathroom
  • laundry / mud room off the kitchen
  • big kitchen
  • dining room
  • living room
  • garage
  • pole barn
  • 2 acres of gorgeous yard

God is so good to me!!

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