Homeless No More!!

 HilltopWhen I bought my last house, nearly 11 years ago, I remember being very excited, and looking back I know that was a very naive excitement.  Yay house, now what? This time around, buying a new house comes with a lot more knowledge, a bit more trepidation over what may be lurking behind the walls, and complete and total joy at being a homeowner again!! Homeless no more!! Not to mention the millions of projects calling my name and promising to keep me busy for at least the next decade!

IMG_1589I am SO THANKFUL for my generous parents who let me and the killer dogs crash at their place for the last two months. What a blessing!! And yes, the cat population does appear to have been culled during our stay — hard to say how much because we don’t see much of the cats these days. We’ll see how many reappear after we move out. Other than a mysteriously dead hen (yes, we’ll go ahead and blame Maggie), the chickens have been penned and survived.


And while I’m very thankful, moving back in with the fam after 14 years on my own isn’t some kind of dream come true. I am used to my own space, my own quiet, my own insanity, my own cooking… and living in someone else’s home isn’t that, for better or for worse.  And then there’s my dogs, you know, my inside dogs who have been living at a mostly outside pet world. They LOVE the land and running around, but I have a feeling they will also love returning to our “normal” world where they can nap all day in anticipation of my return from the office. Maggie is ga ga over my dad. She throws herself into his arms almost every day for a hug (I get about one hug a year and only if I’ve been gone for at least a week). Things have been good, but not our normal routine by any stretch of the imagination.

So it has been a good summer- a busy summer- an in-transition summer- a God is teaching me a lot in the midst of feeling completely displaced summer. And I’m thankful to be closing the summer by moving into my own Little House on a Hill!! Stay tuned for a tour, the projects, and other random happenings at the new house. We are looking forward to this new adventure!!


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