Last man standing

Lenny (formerly known as Helen) is the last remaining member from the failed 2012 Operation Chicken at the Nichols Homestead.

As Monica so aptly said (on the day of the first chicken killing in the backyard), “There’s just one chicken clucking about the yard.”

There he is in all of his roostery glory, spying on the humans.

He even managed to escape the winter of slow death at the Bon Terre farm that took out Angus (the other rooster) and most of my mom’s hens over the winter. I blame Rocky the watch dog who has to sleep in the house because he likes to bark all night– leaving the chickens unprotected from raccoons, coyotes, and other predators.

Somehow Lenny stands strong. And he does have one hen to keep him company.

Hopefully he survives the next big event when the chicken killing bitches move to said Bon Terre farm in 3 weeks.

Good luck Lenny, you’re going to need it.

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