In case you’re wondering

What I’m looking up on the web:  Propagating rose cuttings. I’ve got to find a way to bring pieces of my dearest plant-friend here at the Homestead with me. Worth a try anyway, right? 

What else I’m looking up on the web:  Garage apartment house plans. You never know when you’re going to be desperate enough to need one. And now to pick whose house to build one behind…

What I’m done looking up: Mold stains in attic. Word to the wise: bleach the hell out of your attic roof sheeting before listing your house. It’s simpler and much cheaper that way. Especially when it is mold stains from a decade ago before you replaced your roof and not an active mold problem. Argh. End of rant.

What I’m thinking obsessing about: Impending homelessness. One month and counting. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

What I’m dreading: The senseless killing and the circle of life when the dogs and I go to stay at the folks’ house while trying to find appropriate living accommodations. Oh yeah, that and homelessness.

What I’m looking forward to:  Finding said new accommodations and painting everything. Sick, right? Didn’t I just finish doing that over here at the Homestead? Why yes I did. And as I look around, I’m inspired by what a person can do with time (let’s say 10 years or so) and some meager skills (or some serious determination). I am not looking for the perfect house. I am looking for a place to call home. And with some paint and some time, I think I can turn just about any place into home. At least that is what I’m telling myself right now.

What I’m thankful for: So many things. Generous parents who will put me up during said homelessness. An amazing 10.5 years in this house and the many people who shared this home with me in various seasons. The many, many lessons I’ve learned here- about myself, about home improvement, about people, about friendship. Sunny days. Birds singing. Dogs napping. This new season place in life of living on my own and seeing what God is going to do with that. New babies. Friends. Family. A great cup pot of coffee.

What I’m avoiding: The farmer’s market. It is my favorite time of year to go to the farmer’s market and buy all kinds of exciting plants for the garden. It is basically the near occasion of sin for me right now. I did go to one little farm market a few days ago for vegetables (you know, to make a salad and eat), and I came home with salad fixings and 4 pepper plants and 6 tomato plants. They are now in all of my largest pots. I am cut off. No more farmer’s markets for awhile.

What I should not admit here: I am finding that I’m a compulsive gardener. I know, there’s compulsive drinkers, gamblers, runners, etc. I’m a compulsive gardener. I should just let things be around here for the next month. Mow the grass. And call it a day. Instead I’m splitting (taking some with me), weeding, thinking about moving plants to better places around here (I KNOW, right? Insane!), and lamenting not putting in the veggie garden. I am slightly concerned some day soon I won’t be able to help myself and I’ll plant a tomato forest out there. So far, just a few in pots. Maybe that will stay my insatiable need to plant tomatoes. Not to mention planting a friend’s garden with her, planning to plant my brother’s garden with him… yeah, I’m Reenie. I’m a compulsive gardener.

What I’m listening to: Birds chirping. The washing machine. The 48 hour marathon thing in the field behind my house. They do it every year. Music- middle school kids- random announcements. It’s going to be weird not living here.

Happy weekend!

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