Lock Down February Wrap Up

IMG_0420And just like that, it is March! (I know, right? You’ve never heard me comment on February going quickly before, have you?) Now that it is the first of March, I can officially declare Lock Down February a complete WIN in my book. Surviving February has never been so easy, in fact!

So the goal of Lock Down February was to take a month to limit (not eliminate) my social activities and lock down in order to get stuff done around my house.  Here’s what I managed to accomplish: 

  • Finish painting the guest room, paint guest room shelves, IMG_0503put guest room back together
  • Move into guest room and out of master bedroom
  • Purge, organize, donate (this is ongoing, but I’ve been making good progress)
  • Cook a lot of turkey and sweet potato for the dog – an elimination diet for my dog Suzie who has horrible allergies and I finally decided to bite the bullet and do this to see if it is a food allergy. We have only 2 weeks left, but I think I’m pleased to say, it does not appear to be a food allergy. She is still itching in spite of eating better than me! IMG_0523
  • Host “Wine and Cheese to make February Suck Less” parties (and yes, February did suck less afterward!)
  • Mix paint and repaint master bedroom
  • Make lists of projects and timeline (ish) for house listing, add to the list daily
  • Overbook March
  • Take both dogs to the vet for shots (seems like a little thing, but is always ample opportunity for humility and humiliation… not to mention resembling a three ring circus taking them both at IMG_0517the same time)
  • Start packing stuff to store while staging the house 
  • Arrange for Payback Saturday with Donal & Lindsey (they’re coming to help me for a day since I helped with their kitchen– family is wonderful!!)
  • Arrange for buff high schoolers to move boxes and extraneous furniture to storage for staging (that same day Donal and Lindsey and I will be repainting the living room)
  • Agonize over how much there is to do
  • Watch (and agonize) over the remainder of matthewDownton Abbey (I really am terribly into this show!!)
  • Neglect book club book (I didn’t call it Lock Down February for nothing!)
  • Check out several books on home staging from the library and leave them sitting untouched for weeks on end
  • Begin Lent, get back on my early morning Mass routine
  • Teach Religious Ed
  • Continue weekly visits with my grandparents
  • Lose touch with the rest of the outside worldIMG_0559
  • Send Feb valentines to a couple of my special sweeties and a couple Feb birthday cards (but of course forget to send the rest of them)
  • Scavenge for boxes for moving
  • And spend the last 2 days of February on the couch with the flu. Not quite how I’d hoped to end the month, but alas, sometimes you cannot escape. At least it has given me a chance to fully appreciate my very colorful green living room before painting it neutral next weekend.

As usual, there were millions of things on my list that I didn’t get done, but I am choosing to look at the positive and appreciate what I was able to get done. And in the midst of all that productivity, I got to see a lot of my friends – who I am incredibly grateful for. I am truly blessed. And with that, farewell February, it really has been the best ever. I’ll see you again next year.

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