The Big Decision

My big decision in the last few weeks: Sell the house this spring. 

It has been a great 10 years. I’ve had a dozen people share the Homestead with me at various times for various lengths of time, and that time is drawing to a close. For a couple years now I’ve thought once I can sell without losing a lot of money, I would like to do so. I love the small city I live in – but I would prefer to be out of town, a bit further out, with a bit more yard to neglect, etc. Let’s be honest, I’m a country girl at heart!   

So I’m jumping headlong into this process we call “getting the house ready to sell,” which is all new for me. And kind of a big project. Daunting. I know it doesn’t have to be perfect (or so I keep telling myself) but somehow going through my house trying to think like a prospective buyer is making me very aware of all the little things– the kitchen faucet that leaks a bit and is old and kind of crusty in spite of my cleaning efforts, the bathroom faucet that the handle comes off of easily (kids and guests always manage to remind me of that), the linoleum in the bathrooms that is kind of tired, the counters that I should have replaced years ago… the list goes on and on. Not to mention the rooms that need repainting / neutralizing (think bright green living room). SO many things that I could / should do. So… what began as Lock Down February to just catch up on some home projects has launched into a full fledged Get the House Ready season. And it’s a doozy!   
In addition to all the house stuff that I need to do, there’s the ten years of living there to purge. It is entirely too easy to put stuff in a box in storage and forget about it. Especially the stuff that is hard to decide about: college papers, childhood treasures, that cow collection, etc. So I am delving into all of that and throwing away a lot of stuff, filling bags for donation, and organizing like crazy. It is a humbling task. I knew that the last couple years I let things go in the midst of burnout conditions in my life… and now I’m facing it head on. Lovely.  
I am also finding remnants of things from nearly every roommate that has ever lived there. Not only do I get mail for every single person I’ve housed from time to time, I’m finding odds and ends from them in the storage room: CDs from one roommate, a crochet project binder from another, a backpack from another, a desk from another…. the list is endless and a good reminder of how much life has gone on under this roof in the last decade. It has been a great decade in this home- the longest I’ve lived anywhere and the most “home” of anywhere I’ve ever been – so I’m getting a little nostalgic and at the same time, confident that it is time. Let’s do this.

One thought on “The Big Decision

  1. Wow! How awesome and overwhelming at the same time. I will keep your endeavors in my prayers. And I gotta say: what about the neighbors?! Won't you miss them? 😉

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