Lock Down February

It is officially Lock Down February in my life. Lock Down February? How so? December is always a flurry of preparations and celebrations and overall frantically busy (and really fun too). Typically January is the month to recover from December but somehow this year I managed to fill it so completely that now I need February to recover from that. Not to mention I desperately need some time at home to catch up on life there. I’ve got bedrooms to paint. Clutter to purge. A living room to paint. Kitchen touch ups to do. And apparently these things don’t happen when you are never home. Lock Down February it is!! 

If you want to see me, I will be at home. Wear paint clothes or at least plan on being drafted into a project. Enter at your own risk.  
Obviously I can’t do a complete lock down (although that sounds delightful right now). I still work full time, teach Religious Ed, spend one night a week with my grandparents, etc. But I am determined to limit the amount of outside activities I’m not already committed to so as to deal with my own life for a bit. Wish me luck… 

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