paint swatches

If you know me well and visit me often, you know that you can almost always find a stack of paint swatches floating around. On the table, in the kitchen drawer, in my purse, on the coffee table. I love paint swatches. I love agonizing over what the perfect color would be for whatever room I’m currently dreaming of painting.

But don’t be fooled, I am actually a clearance paint junkie. It is kind of ironic that I pour over paint swatches, checking them with all sorts of things around the house to make sure they are just right, and drool over shades called “Rusted Earth” and “Sunny Dale” and “Shoreline haze.” And then I go by the mis-tint paint section in every home improvement store that I find and pick up whatever shade of $5 clearance seems close to my dream—or whatever shade could fit into that same dream with a little (3)

I believe I can trace my love of clearance paint back to the laundry room repainting project, during which I ended up with several pints of mis-tints in various colors and managed to produce a bright, cheery laundry room out of them for very little money. Since then, I always walk by the clearance paint when I’m in a home improvement store, just in case the perfect color is there on the shelf. Or maybe something relatively close to the perfect color- which of course I know because I’ve done all that paint swatching ahead of time.    

I can’t say I always use clearance paint—in fact, I don’t even use it most of the time. For instance, I bought full price paint for the hall because I didn’t find anything I liked on clearance and wanted a specific color and sheen.   

The other day the paint gods were smiling on me. I’ve been thinking about painting the living room a more neutral color and then having splashes of bright colors in the form of pillows and painted end tables (rather than the whole room being bright green). I’m thinking gray but still swatching to find the perfect gray – not to warm so that it’s beige (I abhor beige) and not too gray so that it is too cool with the red brick fireplace and the new couch. Anyway, I walked into my local Lowes looking for something unrelated, and happened down the mis-tint aisle (duh), and there it was: a gallon of beautiful gray paint. I knew I’d need a second gallon but figured I’d cross that bridge when I came to it. When I checked out, the lady handed me a rebate slip. $5 off that brand of paint. What? I spent $5 on the paint and will be getting $5 back. AWESOME. The following week I was in Lowes to buy roller covers and found another gallon of nearly the same shade of gray in the mis-tint section!! So the paint for the living room (2 gallons of paint+primer) cost me a total of $5. I will probably mix them together and might add a touch of brown to warm it up, but still… I am loving the clearance paint! 

photo (4)photo (5)

Keep in mind, I’m not actually advocating this as a decorating strategy. In fact, I prefer all of you stay away from the mis-tint sections and leave those yummy, super cheap colors to me.

I would also like to note I do not buy paint only because it is cheap. I am always amazed at some of the hideous colors there in the mis-tint section and I leave those for some other poor sucker, sticking with the ones that go with my color palette.

Hi. I’m Reenie. I am a clearance paint addict.

Hi Reenie.

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