A few painting tips (or maybe a painting rant)

How not to paint a bedroom:

1. Leave all the hooks, shelves, etc. on the wall. It doesn’t matter right, no one cares about a little paint, right?

2. Do a crappy paint job. Poor coverage. Splotchy. Drippy.

3. Feel free to get it on the freshly painted ceiling, the wood floors, the trim. Don’t bother wiping it off while it is wet.

4. Did I mention about the leaving shelves mounted on the wall? See, when you leave them there, and slop paint all around them, not only do you get lovely blotches of paint on them, but when the homeowner goes to repaint the room after you’ve moved away, she has to pry the brackets off the wall, pulling drywall with them. See that? Yeah, always be sure to leave shelves on the wall and slop paint around them. It is simply too much bother to spend the 5 minutes to take them off the wall and preserve them for the next inhabitant.



How to paint a bedroom:

1. Imagine you are going to have to repaint this space in a couple years. Save the future you a lot of trouble and do the little things: remove hooks, shelves, switch plates. Spackle holes. Sand off spackling. Remove all of the wallpaper adhesive before painting. Believe me, if you don’t thank yourself a few years down the road, the next homeowner will.


(not quite done – I still have to touch up the brown wall shelves and put them back up).

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