2012 Wrap Up (ish)

Everyone else in the blogosphere is wrapping up 2012 with fancy posts of amazing things they did in their homes, amazing new business ventures, cute kid pictures… And here I am, six days into the new year, just beginning to think about goals (we are NOT calling them resolutions) for the new year and pondering last year.

Two years ago, for 2011, I decided it was time to learn to say No — and thus was born NO11.  It was (mostly) a dismal failure. So NO11 made way for NO-f-ing-12. I did better. Far from perfect and I certainly can’t claim to be good at saying No, but I made some notable progress.

The biggest progress was finally saying NO to a job that was sucking the life out of me. In spite of the things I liked about it, two years of having your life totally dominated by a soul sucking job was enough. God opened the right doors at the right times and the transition happened a lot faster than I though and very differently than I imagined. As usual, God knows what I need better than I do.

Since that transition, there was some vacation, some dismal attempts at gardening in a drought, some chickens massacred, some weddings, a lot of sewing, some dining room furniture redone, and mostly getting back in touch with my creative, energetic self. It has been good and I am optimistic about 2013. God only knows what He has in store, but my prayer is that I may be listening attentively so as to know where He is leading and humble enough to follow at the first invitation.

I will also be working on monthly goals, because, as usual, I’m more comfortable with failure in small doses. I have a bunch of house projects I want to do. Some sewing projects I want to finish. Some skills I’d like to learn. Some weight I need to lose. Some finances to get in order. Some people I desperately want to visit (lots and lots of them!). And, most importantly, some spiritual growth to foster and make room for. Come Lord Jesus.

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