I know, it’s so cliché but it seems appropriate somehow. In the past year or two, I have made a conscious effort to be more thankful daily. To recognize the little things and be grateful for them. And I have to say, it is life changing. It has sunk deeper into my consciousness and now I don’t have to TRY so hard to find things to be thankful- I just notice them more.

Nonetheless, this is the time of year where we once again thank God for his many abundant blessings. So here’s my thankful list for right now (which just means the things at the top of my mind- not a comprehensive list):

– Faith. This is probably the hardest one to put into words. I am thankful for the gift of Faith. I’m thankful for a community of faith that I am blessed to be part of. For the Catholic Church who dispenses the great Deposit of Faith to us. For the Sacraments. The priests who bring us Jesus daily. Such a gift!

– Family. For amazing parents. For terrific brothers and sisters, in laws, adorable and funny nieces and nephews, near and far. For the challenge of loving one another- in good times and in bad. For the grace to love with a love so much deeper than my own limited heart. For the rolling on the floor laughing moments and the moments we cry our eyes out together and for all the moments in between. I am so thankful for my family. 

– Home. The Homestead continues to be my safe haven, my endless palate for learning home repair skills, for crafty inspiration, for a project never finished. For the people that share my home now, for the many people I’ve shared it with in the past, for the pups that keep it hairy and real. For giving me a dim glimpse of how amazing our Real Home is and making me yearn for that.

– Friends. I am probably one of the most blessed people I know and I have to say (in my humble opinion) I have the best friends in the whole world. I have no idea why God has seen fit to bless me so abundantly but He has and I certainly never want to take it for granted. For the near by friends, the far away friends, for all the friends in between. The ones I see regularly, the ones I see rarely, the ones I almost never see… for the phone calls, the facebook chats, the craft nights, book club, sounding boards, the ones who tell you that you’re not crazy, the ones who remind you that you are crazy and they love you anyway… I am so thankful for the gift of friendship.

– Munchkins. Maybe they should be right at the top of the list. I have SO many awesome munchkins in my life- and so many friends and family willing to let me be part of their amazing and funny lives. I am blessed.

– Grandparents. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my mom’s parents since Gram broke her hip and Grandpa needs more company while she’s in rehab. Grandpa struggles to remember these days, he repeats the same stories over and over again, minutes apart, but he constantly says “I was so blessed to be a dentist. I was so blessed to survive World War 2 and come home. I was so blessed to live in that house. God really blessed me with a beautiful family…” It goes on and on. He doesn’t remember a lot of the details anymore, but it continues to inspire me that he has hung on to the fact that God has blessed him so consistently throughout his life. What a witness! I am also incredibly grateful to have my Grandpa Bob still with us, getting softer and sweeter all the time. My life has been so enriched being surrounded by amazing grandparents. I will miss them when they are gone (and already miss Grandma and Oma) but for today, I am incredibly grateful to have them in my life.

There are so many more things I could say, but it is bedtime and I will leave it at that for right now. God is so good to me. I am so very thankful. 

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