Busy busy busy

It’s been rather quiet on here because life is simply busy. October brought a visit from my sister and her family, which was wonderful. The highlight of the visit- other than obviously getting to see all of them- was the sleepover at Aunt Reenie’s with Brendan’s 3 kids and Kathleen’s 3 older kids. We had a blast. There’s nothing better than your own dining room full of your favorite people laughing and having fun and just being kids. 


It did make me miss my long distance kiddos though – it’s hard having nieces and nephews scattered all over the country!! I miss Gui and Pascal like crazy and don’t even know Aetheline or Monty yet! Someday, when I have endless time off and endless resources…

The weekend after the Veens left was the wedding… Destination wedding in Toledo, OH for my roommate Leslie. What a blast!! Weddings are always more fun when there’s a lot of sass to go around- and this one had plenty of it.  Not to mention a dress that actually contained me (after the initial horror of how the dress fit and two evening sewing sessions with the very talented Karen – THANK YOU).  Anyway, there was a lot of preparation leading up to the wedding, a lot of dress alterations, making straps for all 7 bridesmaids, and living with the bride… and then the weekend arrived and it was wonderful and sassy and fun. So great to witness two good friends promising their lives to each other. 



And somewhere in the midst of that, my grandma fell and broke her hip… so she had surgery and is now in rehab. The family is trying to figure out the next steps, and trying to keep Grandpa company since his dementia is more pronounced lately and he is lost without Grandma around. So I’ve been trying to get there at least one evening a week for a visit and spending the night with him. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and reflections on this process that I won’t bore you with, but it continues to weigh on my heart what a gift it is to walk this road of suffering with one another. My grandparents have been so incredibly present to me for my whole life- and here, in their hour of need, I am blessed to be able to be present for them. Grandpa may be repeating the same stories over and over and over again, but at the end of each round one night, he reached over and held my hand and said, with a tear in his eye, “I’m so glad you’re here with me. I really don’t like living alone.” And he meant it every single time. So it does put a bit of a wrench in the daily life schedule right now, and yet, it is good to be here, to be present, to learn how to love them better as we help them in this new phase of life. Life is such a precious gift, for all of our days.

And other than that, I’ve been doing the fall yard clean up, taking care of a big dog who is angry about many things (me being gone too much, her favorite roomie getting married and moving out, etc), sewing a lot of Pajama Eaters for the munchkins for Christmas, catching up with friends, and occasionally trying to sleep…

And so ends October.

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