Take down the sign Reenie

Earlier this week, my dad and I went out to a job site to take some elevation shots on some pavement that wasn’t draining properly. It is in a wealthy subdivision nearby and we do a lot of work in this community.  So we’re getting ready to take the shots– keep in mind my main task here is to hold a survey rod so we can get the elevations– and the lady whose home is right in front of us comes home from the grocery store. She comes out to chat- she saw us at the meeting last week, thought the road plan and presentation was marvelous, blah blah blah. We start chatting- she’s new to the area, came from the east coast a few months ago. She’s probably in her mid-sixties. She asks about the driveway, so Ken starts telling her what she can do to fix it.

Then she tells us about her kids- three of them. None of them stayed in their hometown, which is why they moved out here- to be closer to the grandkids. Her husband comes out to join the conversation and ends up walking to the end of the driveway with Ken to talk about curb modifications.

I turn to the lady (is it bad I don’t remember her name?) and she says to me, “I am so happy to be closer to family, but (she tears up) it was really hard leaving my friends of 40+ years and trying to start over here.”  That’s right folks. A simple trip to take some elevation shots– to hold a survey rod– and there I am, standing in the driveway with a sweet lady who is tearing up about missing her friends and their community. Unexpected to say the least.  

But seriously, take down the sign Reenie.

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