Finishing stuff

Thanks to everyone who thinks my blog posts are more upbeat – I think life is more upbeat right now in general. Extreme burnout wasn’t pretty and it was a long period of sustained burn out, so I apologize—I really didn’t realize how bad it sounded!  I suppose I should also note the burnout was multi-faceted. Sure, there was that job thing for many, many stressful hours a week and then there was (is) some serious stuff going on with a loved one. And as I learned in the last year, there’s nothing like compounding extreme job stress with intense grief to make a person tired.

Anyway, now that the burnout is fading, I’m finding myself full of energy and inspiration to do projects. It’s like getting back to me. Only the inspiration is at a crazy high level from such a long period of complete exhaustion and being uninspired. I am trying to harness the crazy and keep it manageable. And I’m trying to finish some of the stuff I’ve started before getting into too much new stuff. So far:

– I started and finished a baby quilt for a friend’s baby, only a couple months late. And then it sat on my buffet for a couple weeks and I finally delivered it. Hurray!

– I finished a jean quilt that I started a very long time ago. I found the quilt top in my stash when I cleaned it out and then I proceeded to actually finish it. Woo hoo!

– We (the dogs really) finished Operation Chicken 2012. (Maybe a complete failure, but hey, it’s a finished project).

– I finally painted the hall. (I consider painting the trim a completely separate project- and it is not on this finished list yet.)

– I made new potholders.

– I made pillow covers for the guest room daybed.

– I finished one seam on my apron I’ve been using for about 2 years but kept forgetting to finish.

There’s a whole host of things I haven’t finished… and even more projects I’m starting… but for a moment there, it feels nice to actually finish a few things. 

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