Fall Insanity

Most of my friends are getting kids back to school or starting back up with the homeschooling, and me? I’m just hitting a breakneck busy time. Last year I remember realizing I had been out of town 6 out of the 8 weekends in September and October. Exhausting!

This year looks like it’s going to be close, although some of the traveling will be less intense than some of last year’s traveling. Thank God. So far in September and October, I’ve got:

  • Family wedding labor day weekend in Detroit
  • Wedding in Charlotte, NC the weekend of Sept 15-16
  • Bridal shower / bachelorette party the weekend of Sept 22-23
  • Ladies weekend in western Michigan with a bunch of my girlfriends Sept 28-30
  • My sister and her family in town for a visit in early October (?)
  • Roommate’s wedding in Toledo the weekend of Oct 20
  • And trying to find room for a trip to New Orleans to visit my brothers and finally meeting my nephew who is almost 8 months old! (Epic aunt fail)

And somewhere in there I need to sew straps for 7 bridesmaid dresses, hem a couple bridesmaid dresses, work in my garden, clean out the abandoned chicken coop, get the shed and garage cleaned out and ready for winter, mow the grass, and find time to sleep.

Happy fall!

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