More on that quilt

I told you earlier I was working on a new quilt. It has become a bit of an obsession in fact. I’m calling it my “Hey I’m getting margin back in my life quilt” because it represents a lot more than just scraps of fabric. 
So let’s pick up where we left off…
10. Change your mind about the quilt size and decide to make a lot more squares. Go back and repeat steps 3 through 9 again until you have the right number of squares. My quilt has grown from a twin to a queen so I had a lot more squares to make.
11. Iron all the completed squares flat.
12. Trim your completed squares with the rotary cutter so they are square and exactly 8” (in my case anyway). 
13. Once all of your chevron squares are completed, and ironed, and trimmed to be square, you get to lay them out.  This took me awhile. How to sort the squares?? There were so many different colors, patterns, themes to figure out what order to put them in. Not to mention now I’m making a queen sized quilt- so I’ve outgrown the dining room table. I eventually decided on the living room floor since that is the biggest space. There are a few obstacles to using the floor:
After the fact, I wished I had done a video of the evening of me laying out the squares, and the dogs taking turns sniffing, laying on, and messing up the squares – really quite funny and not terribly productive. But it is like a magnet, if I lay something on the floor, pretty much anything, the dogs are going to lay on it. So we bonded over quilt squares as I arranged and rearranged and then straightened and re-straightened… quilt4
14. Once you have the quilt squares all laid out, you can start sewing the chevron squares into rows.  Mine is eleven squares by eleven squares. And of course, the dogs wanted to get in on that as well.
Stay tuned on finishing the quilt top and then the actual quilting, backing, binding, etc. 

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