Mmmmm Saturday

It started so well. I heard my roommate leave around 8.30 and laid there thinking about the day to come and the many things I was hoping to accomplish. Mmmm Saturday. I went downstairs and had to grind coffee for my morning pot- so I ground enough for the week- my special blend. Mmmm. I put the coffee on and fed the dogs. Then grabbed some stuff out of the fridge that was past it’s prime to take out to the chickens. Water the chickens. Note how the coop still doesn’t smell and how delightfully quiet it is without He-Len the rooster. I water the thirsty chickens and they are grateful for the mushy salad and strawberry tops. Who wouldn’t be?

The neighbor already has his music blaring and the bass cranked up. I can tell it’s going to be a loud day at the Homestead. I went down to the laundry room to change laundry and realized the rug is soaked, we’ve had some kind of overflow. Maybe it was that bin of oxy-soaking clothes I had in the sink. Darn. Well the rug needed to be cleaned anyway, no harm done. I threw in the wet rug, anything else that had been soaked by the water, and a few towels I used to soak up the mess. Great. 

I grabbed my coffee to go and headed out. There were a couple estate / garage sales in town and since a new dining room table is my current obsession and I figure estate sales may just turn up with a good table. Estate sales smell funny. Both of the estate sales I went into had that old person house smell. A smell like the house hasn’t been aired out in years. Ever maybe. I can’t even really identify the smell, but it is a smell that makes me want out. When I die, I hope whoever I leave behind has the good sense to air the house out before trying to sell my overpriced junk. Right. So I quickly perused, saw no table worth my time, and kept on going. Drove slowly by a couple garage sales, again, seeing nothing promising and made it home 45 minutes after I’d left. Brilliant. So much Saturday left!

As I ate a bowl of cereal, I worked on my list. Totally unrealistic, but hey, I have a whole weekend ahead of me, right? I start by watering the neglected houseplants. Remembering the laundry downstairs, I head down to find a wet floor- not a lingering damp from the earlier mess, but a freshly soaked wet floor. Uh oh. I investigate to find the laundry sink drain is not draining but rather leaking out at the drain trap at an alarming rate. Awesome.

I put all of my ambitious yard plans on hold and get down to business. Plumbing. Not my favorite kind of repair. Just last night I was visiting a friend at her apartment and the homeowners in the room were telling her to live up the Maintenance Man while she’s got one. So true. Nonetheless, the plumbing can’t be avoided and no one else is going to do it. I begin disassembling and find that part of the drain trap has simply corroded through. Great. If I’m going to be replacing the drain trap, I might as well finally install the new laundry room sink I bought awhile ago and then never got around to installing (something about plumbing projects never going smoothly or something). 

The fittings connecting the old nasty sink are old and corroded. I finally get the valves closed but can only loosen one of the fittings to get rid of the old faucet. I get out my big book of home repairs and read about copper pipe and fittings. And then I head for Aco where I peruse the plumbing aisle at some length and find a pipe cutter and then finally decide on the combination of fittings and hoses to make this new sink work… well maybe. 

Nope. Head back to Aco. Buy different fittings and different hoses to go with said fittings. The bass is blaring next door. I do not like my neighbors and I definitely do not appreciate the music. Back to the soggy basement floor. The water recirc line keeps dripping on me and on the floor. I am not going to clean it up until this whole thing is done. I get the faucet installed on the new sink, the water feeds all fitted and the new sink connected. Hurray. Almost done…

Nope. Drain pipe. Apparently the new sink doesn’t come with all the drain parts it needs, and the few parts it does come with do not fit into my existing pipes. Let’s go back to Aco shall we? Or maybe I should hit up Ace this time to save face. The cars are lined up in the driveway next door but I think it is too hot to really take them for a walk. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss a minute of that awesome music.

So I went to Ace. Got the pieces I thought I needed. Got home. They didn’t work. I do not like retrofitting old plumbing!! Back to Aco, return the unneeded parts from my last round there. Pick up some more drain pieces- though I don’t think what I want actually exists. So I got several parts to try and am hoping to finally get this thing put together. And then I have a bunch of cleaning to do in that laundry room with the soggy floor. Sigh. 

I finally got the drain working- had to modify a part myself and I think the quality of that part (even before modification) leaves something to be desired. But it is in and connected and draining into the drain instead of the floor. So I turn on the water and it sprays all over. Guess I needed to put plumbers tape on those joints. So I did that. I am soggy all over. It all seems to be together and working. It looks great, the nasty old sink is heading out, and the new sink is bright, clean, and happy. Not what I had planned at all for my day, but such is life. And I have a new utility sink to show for it. Mmmm Saturday.

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