Dining Room Dreams

So… I’m on a chair mission… to replace the chairs in my dining room… I want an assortment of chairs and then want to paint and distress them all to match. The dining room set I was generously given by my aunt has served me well. But the chairs are a little too formal for me, kind of imposing. And they need to be re-upolstered. And there are some screws coming up through the seat cushions- so they also need to be re-cushed. And all of that feels like a lot of work for chairs I’m not wild about.  So I’m coming up with other solutions (while still not able to actually go out and buy a new dining room set).


So far I got two old chairs that are incredibly sturdy when my old neighbor moved out ($5 each). They definitely need repainting but they are sturdy, comfortable, and I love the chair backs.


Then I found a few more at a recent estate sale ($5 each) but they need some re-gluing on the back to be a bit sturdier, though comfortable and in good shape overall. What’s a little glue for a $5 chair, right? 


I was still short a couple chairs to complete the “set” though. And then I saw a few more at the goodwill nearby that are a beautiful old shape but $15 each.. still on the fence about those ones. Suddenly $15 a chair seems too steep, although I kind of love them. They will also need the cushions re-upholstered and painting, though they are incredibly sturdy- no creaking or shaking at all. Hmmmm.

And then… that fateful day earlier this week… after thinking about those $15 *pricey* chairs for over a week…. and I went back to the goodwill store to scope it out. See if they were still even there. And… it was half off furniture day. The chairs were still there. I bought all 4 of them for 7.50 each. Perfect!!


Now I just have to pick paint colors and fabric for the cushions.

Then I want to paint and distress the table. Or make a new table, yeah, I really want a new table… I’m currently drooling here: http://ana-white.com/2012/05/plans/turned-leg-farmhouse-table.

Here’s my dining room pinterest collection so far.. http://pinterest.com/favoriteaunt/dining-room-ideas/ 

Mmmmm… project dreaming…

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