God is good

It is too early for actual reflections… but here’s the deal: I AM DONE WITH THE ‘LARK!  It’s such a mix of happy and sad that I can’t sort out. But mostly it feels like sweet freedom. That being said, I like the company, I like most of the people I worked with, and I grew a lot in the last insane 20 months.  But it is also wonderful walking away and moving forward. It was time. I’m already sleeping better and I have this sense of someone handing me my life back. I’m so ready for some margin in my life, some peace, and returning to some kind of balance. God is good. 

I am also SO thankful for a peaceful, amiable, and good end to my days at the ‘Lark. I love those guys and it was great to leave on good terms, with promises to stop in and see them and keep in touch. People are important to me, and I’ve weathered some significant storms with those people and that’s what is hard about walking away.  Anyway, it was great. I know that the fact that I’m going back to work with my dad makes this an easier transition for everyone too – it isn’t just that I was job hunting because I had to get out (though I was), but I am going back to a job I have loved in the past with family. Makes it a lot less personal for my friends at the ‘Lark and thus a lot easier on me. God is good.

So for the next 3 days, I will be enjoying being unemployed and unencumbered. Reveling in the newfound freedom. And then I will start back at ETC with my dad on Wednesday, which I am looking forward to. God is good.

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