Quick Takes

1. I am exhausted. Quitting is hard work. It was rough telling the bosses, even though they were great about it. It was harder telling all the coworkers I like so much. I tried to tell everyone individually, but forgot the new guy (who I don’t interface with too much). He found out today. Oops. Then I told the really new guy who hasn’t been in the office much. It is emotionally exhausting. Everyone is really supportive, really happy I get to work with my dad again, and really panicky about what they are going to do, which is strangely comforting because one of my bosses makes me feel like I don’t do anything at all. The other boss, by contrast, is down checking in every day and next week is blocking the last couple hours of every day so I can explain everything I know to him… sigh. There’s lots to train, hand off, explain, finish… walk away. I am really happy, really at peace with the decision, and sad at the same time. Change is never easy, even good change. And I’m such a sucker for relationships so walking away is hard.

2. The garden is flourishing in spite of neglect the last couple weeks. The weeds are also flourishing. The chickens love them, so it isn’t all bad. The privacy fence is awesome. Completely awesome. The neighbors now have a picnic table and 2 grills on their side of the fence, so apparently it has inspired us on both sides.

3. The chickens are also flourishing. Suzie is still insane over them, loves to bark and attack the coop whenever they are out and about. I think they like to antagonize her. I am very faithful about latching the roof and so far so good. I still need to put some finishing touches on the nesting box, but I have another 10 weeks ish so no rush. The chickens have also helped me compost… or at least feed all things veggies to the chickens. I am becoming my mother!

4. The grass is not flourishing. It has been very dry and hot. I broke down and watered it a tiny bit yesterday, so you know it looks like straw!

5. Yesterday’s scooping before the grass mowing yielded two dead young robins (bringing our dead bird count to 4 for the year), one dead mouse, and a lot of dog poop. I wish birds were smarter and could look down and remember the last 10 years that they nested in those lovely old pine trees and the number of babies that never made it out of the backyard because they couldn’t fly yet. Alas, until then, the slaughter continues…

6. Right now I am counting down on many fronts… 2 days of weekend… 5 days till my friends leave town again (after being here for an extended visit)… 7 days till I’m done at the ‘Lark… 12 days till I start working with my dad again… 22 days until Cous Long Lake vacation… It’s going to be good- but it is going to be a change-ridden, exhausting few weeks.

7.  This week I got to hang out with one of my dear friends and her adorable kids, including the latest edition. So great. I am so blessed with wonderful friends who have really awesome munchkins.


8. And another day I had dinner at the park with my friends who were in town for a few weeks and their awesome munchkins.


The moral of the story:

Lots of changes in the works.

I am exhausted.

I have awesome friends with really cute kids.

I am blessed.

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