This just in…

I quit my job. That’s right. QUIT MY JOB! I am incredibly happy. Relieved. How did this happen? You might ask.  Well let me tell you…

A couple weeks ago there was another decision handed down, not one I disagreed with in concept, but one that some good communication could have gone a LONG way to making me feel less used and abused. Alas, no communication happened so this decision, that affects me quite directly, was quite frustrating. Not the actual decision, the how.

And I decided that enough is enough. I love a lot of things about the company I work for. I love a lot of the people. I like the business itself and I am blessed to be in a job that uses my gifts.  On the other hand, it has been a really hard year and a half with new drama and trauma around every bend. I am completely burned out. I have given above and beyond and always hope for the best, but I want my life back. I want out.

So this unfortunate incident of shuffling my job around without even discussing it with me was the final straw. Not the first time it had happened either, but made the decision I needed to make easier, highlighting the problem.

So I brushed up my resume. And started posting and scouring want ads in all of my spare time. Oh job hunting- how I loathe you. One day last week I had a long phone conversation with my dad. It wasn’t about work at all, but I hung up and just had that deep longing. I miss working with that guy! I miss everything (or nearly everything) about it.  All the next day I tried to figure out if I could call him and see what he’d think about me coming back, did he have enough work? But I didn’t want to put the pressure on him if he didn’t have the work. I just couldn’t do that to him since I knew he’d want me if he could. Anyway, Thursday I was still thinking about it and wrote one line in my prayer journal, “Lord, please open doors and close doors.” 

Hours later my dad called and offered me a job. He’s got more work than he can handle and would love to have me back. There’s an open door if I’ve ever seen one!

So today I quit my job. One of the bosses (my favorite one) was great. He said he knows how unhappy I’ve been and he was telling my other boss that he thinks they’ve burned me to the point of no return. He knew I was going to leave in a matter of time. And he said he’s happy for me to have a great opportunity that makes me happy. Awww. See? I’ll miss some things about my job.

I will definitely miss a lot of the people. But it is time. SO time. So… the next two weeks are going to be hairy trying to wrap up, pass off, button up. And then I’m outta there! Praise God!! 

2 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. Wow! Ballsy move! I'm proud of you. And it's not even NO-vember…. N011? (I don't remember all your catchy phrases.)

    Really hoping we can hang in August!

    Your cuz.

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