Day 9-Sunday

Sleep in. Late. Run out for milk, half and half, and compost. Lazy morning altogether. And then a lovely afternoon of gardening: I had put in tomatoes, tomatillos, and eggplant last weekend. So today was tilling the rest of it and planting everything else: peas, beans, peppers, lettuce, spinach, carrots, etc. Now I just have some cutting flowers to plant and need to find the basil seeds to get them in.

I also planted my flowering hedge on the inside of my privacy fence- right now it looks rather puny, but in another year or two it is going to be lovely!! The hedge consists of rose of sharon, forsythia, lilac, and butterfly bushes. The only one I didn’t get was the burning bush. Maybe some other year I can add those in.

My neighbors are the loudest people alive. They have company in the carport today. Loud music, loud talking (to be heard over the music), loud loud loud. But it is completely delightful to only hear them and not see them. Gardening behind a privacy fence is totally worth the hype.

Being off work and fairly disconnected from work for over a week has been wonderful. It also strengthens my resolve to continue cutting back, to donate less time to this job, and to find more balance in my daily life. I know I have been saying that and have honestly been working on it, but I need to be stronger and better about it. I will still give 100% while I’m at work, but I am really over all the unpaid overtime, the chaos caused by lack of planning, and the overall insanity the job brings into my life.

I headed over to the Flemings to see Barbara and the kids, which was fun. And then on the way home I got the call about the chicken massacre.  Sigh. Now I’ve got my feet up, homemade margarita in hand, and thankful for one more day of weekend.

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