Day 8–Saturday

Last night’s wedding was great. My cousin Nick married his sweetie, the first in their family to get married. It was a beautiful Mass and a great party afterward. Always great to hang out with the fam.  At the end, I stayed to help clean up and at some point was walking fast across the gym to find my shoes and there was a puddle of water. So I slipped, sort of caught myself on my knees, recovered for a moment, and hoped not too many people had seen that awkward moment. The knee hurt a bit from the twisting as I fell but not too bad. This morning is a different story. Ouch!! I don’t think it is anything serious, but it does hurt to put weight on it. I’m going to try advil and some ice and hope it doesn’t slow the painting down too much.

It is also raining here after a gorgeous, dry week. The rain is a good thing. Everything needs it. And it will make it easier to plant my garden tomorrow if the soil gets softened up some.

Today: Wake up slowly to the sound of rain. Uh oh. Run down and get a few things I left out last night put away. Check on the chickens- who were all happily on their new roost. Poor Buck was terrified of the storms, had to drag him outside to get him to go potty and then he trembled like crazy for the thunder. Poor pup. Maggie and Suzie are unfazed by storms, thankfully. Finish painting the hall ceiling, edging, painting the walls (with Leslie and John). I still need to paint the stairs area and the downstairs part of the hall, but we’re making progress. 

Run out the door for Owen’s play, Arsenic and Old Lace, with the Explorer’s Drama Club. Owen was Teddy Roosevelt and was FABULOUS!!  Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy came to see it. Every time Owen was on stage Grandpa would turn to me and say “That’s your little brother!” and “He’s very good.” Both true. I couldn’t be prouder.

From there I had a fabulous dinner out with my little sister. And then went to the Pentecost Vigil Mass at my parish, which was wonderful. Got to sit with my good friends and then see another friend who is in town for just a couple days. Our parish celebrates it’s 31st anniversary this weekend as well and it gave me pause to appreciate how blessed I am to be part of such a wonderful faith community, a community of true believers. Oh we have our characters, our flaws, our issues, but God has blessed me so abundantly through this wonderful parish and the people He has here.

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