Day 7–Friday

Happy Memorial Day weekend one and all!  It is another gorgeous day!! I’m so tempted to go out and finish my garden and stare at my lovely new fence. But I may save that for Sunday and do some other less pleasant chores today.


Buck arrived last night while I was out. He is our weekends and holidays dog. It gets more peaceful every time he comes. This time no one even indicated that they noticed his presence, excellent. I guess after yesterdays excitement with 4 kids visiting all day, Buck is old hat. Buck does not appreciate the neighbor walking his remote control car though. He also thinks it is rather disturbing to see a full grown man spending so many hours on the RC cars (I told you he fits right in around here).


This evening my cousin Nick gets married. Crazy. I used to babysit that sweet guy and now he’s getting married! Yikes. So happy for him. And happy for an excuse to hang out with my extended family. I love that crowd.

The fence is awesome. Even from the backyard, it makes it feel private because there is no longer a direct line of sight from the carport to the chicken coop. Actually, there is no direct line of sight from the carport to anywhere in my yard. AWESOME. I do feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life.

Okay, on to some projects / progress today…

Chicken coop alterations: Clean out the outdoor area. Add roosting bar to outdoor area. Hang water and food dishes (to minimize the crapping into them). Yell at Maggie to stop eating all the chicken droppings I raked out of the coop (dogs are so gross).


Chickens are ridiculously stupid critters. I hung their water dish and they couldn’t figure out for a full 8 minutes how to drink out of it. Same waterer, just 5 inches off the ground now. So they settled for all racing after the water I spilled. Eventually Frances figured it out and the others followed suite.  Also, Frances is the one obsessed with roosting (now that Edna lives with my mom). I kept finding her roosting atop the feeder (eww) and the waterer (more ewww).  I put in a nice roosting bar for them in the outside area and she immediately figured out what that was for. Excellent. The chickens are becoming more accustomed to the sound of my voice and they get excited to see me now since I usually mean fresh water or some sort of weedy treat. They are also less intimidated by the dogs and actually acted as though they planned to just strut out the door when I opened it today. Not necessarily a good thing since strutting out that door would mean certain death by canine. I should probably research how to entice chickens into nesting boxes next, but I have a few weeks to figure that out. And a couple minor alterations to the nesting boxes too. Again, I’ve got time to do that later.


Suddenly it is HOT outside. Gorgeous but hot. I might break down and sand that drywall mud. And I should water stuff outside. And figure out what to wear to this wedding. And…

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