Day 4

Really? Day 4 already?? Well technically I was more social than projecty those first two days, right? Okay, now I feel better… well I really need to get even more projecty.

Let’s see, today I made it to 7 am Mass (yay). Spent a long time at Lowes looking at fencing options. Still debating the super cheap (and not awesome) fence vs. the better quality one. Can’t decide if it’s worth the extra $$ when really my long term plan isn’t to be here forever… on the other hand, the cheap one looks really cheap… will it last the next year or two or three that I will be here?  I should probably go mid-grade. Sigh. Anyway, lots of time at Lowes. Talk to my dad about the post hole digger I can get from his barn. Stop at Meijer. Then a 24-minute phone conversation with work. My fabulous admin assistant had saved up a list for me (and got through all of Monday without me- yay Lauren). Then the Habitat Restore. I was hoping for a few things and didn’t find anything I needed. Same story at the Reuse it center. Oh well. It was worth a try. Home just before noon.

Worked in the garage for awhile. I’m now out of garbage can space. I may need to wait to do more purging till closer to garbage day so I can just put it right on the curb.

So I patched the bathroom ceiling (where I installed a new, smaller footprint, bathroom fan several months ago). Patched another funky spot in the hall ceiling that has always bothered me. I am a drywall repair hack. We shall see if it works. I’m considering starting on the hall painting this evening. Need to take everything down and spackle before I paint anyway. And figure out how I’m going to even reach parts of the hall and ceiling above the stairwell. 
I LOVE THIS WEATHER! It really is gorgeous out there.
The dogs are barking a lot today because the front windows are open and they can hear everything (I finally put the screens back in). They need to get over it. There’s a lot of noise out there. Settle down. Two more voicemails from work. Hmmm.

The neighbors are yelling at each other again (there was a particularly nasty yelling match the other night that we got to all hear). Vince (the man child) took off on his bicycle dropping f-bombs up the street in the middle of the day. How does one tell someone we don’t live in THAT kind of neighborhood? Sigh.

It is wonderful to be off work. I can’t say that enough. This break was long overdue. And a week at home is amazing. Usually I use vacation time to travel and see people- which is also great. But it has been too long since I had some time for this. And it’s great. I am thankful.

I think I have severe at-home-ADHD. I run down stairs to change a load of laundry. And fold some towels. and get distracted by those white bathroom towels that haven’t been white in quite awhile even with my attempts to bleach them. Next thing I know there’s a pot of boiling water on the stove so I can experiment with tea dying. And now I’m thinking I should add that white blouse with the coffee stains. What else can I tea dye? And what was I doing before I got distracted?
And speaking of distractions, I got one of those screen curtains for people without screen doors. I just got it via Amazon today and put it up. Though there’s still space for bugs to come in at the edges if they so choose, it is kind of awesome so far. The dogs can go in and out at will and it keeps the incoming bugs to a minimum.

I should go see if the drywall mud is dry yet.

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