Day 3

I figured I’d limit myself to just one daily update- so I’ll write whenever and you’ll get it all in one digest at the end of the day.

Turned off the early alarm and decided to sleep in. I may have to limit the times I allow myself to do this since I have a lot to accomplish. Nonetheless, it was delightful. And it was delightful to wake up to the marching band playing “My Country Tis of Thee” behind my house. And listening to the rest of their patriotic songs as they marched behind my house. Absolutely delightful.

And somewhere in the waking up late and listening to the marching band, it hit me again that I am not going into work. And it is an incredible feeling to be not going to work. To not even allow myself to dwell on it. I am off. Off!!  I should note that my job isn’t all bad, there are parts I love about it. But it is a lot. Of work. Of stress. Of insanity. And somehow, I am always in the middle of the insanity- probably because I’m the hub in the company… there you have it. I don’t hate my job, but it is the longest I’ve worked a job that everything was constantly this stressful. It is a lot. And I am delighted to not be there this week. ‘Nuff said.

It is cooler today than it has been and the forecast calls for rain possibly. This is the day I start on the garage. Neglected for way too long and needs some serious purging/cleaning/organizing!

So naturally I did a bunch of fence research instead. Found my mortgage survey. Marked it up. Priced out fencing. Measured up the space. Left a message for the city building department to find out what permits are required. And the good news is that my property line looks like it is right on the neighbor’s driveway line. I will probably put the fence a foot or so inside the property line but it means adding a couple feet to my garden so I can put that hedge of flowering bushes inside my fence making my garden even more awesome for me. Love it!  I’m getting really excited to turn my garden into my very own “Secret Garden” walled off from the world (or maybe just the neighbors).

Right. The Garage. Wish me luck.

Strange happenings in the neighborhood today: older girl across the street (maybe 8 yrs old) walking her younger sister (maybe 4 or 5) in a rolling office chair. In the middle of the road. Spinning her around. Running away when a car comes. Does no one watch their children anymore???

Ewww. There are a lot of spiders and a lot of mouse poop in my garage. Need to start sealing up the places they come in. And thinking about insulating the whole thing – that’s what you get when you work for an insulation company. A desire to insulate. And this garage needs it! But first it needs purging, cleaning, organizing…

I was making decent progress (though never fast enough). One of the homies came home around lunch time. So we visited and talked for awhile. And then I had one of those annoying setbacks you can’t do anything about because when you don’t feel good it’s hard to do much about it.  So I took more breaks through the afternoon. Ended the day about half done instead of all done. But still, looking on the bright side, I did make some good progress.

And now that I have a mountain of broken down cardboard on the patio and two big garbage containers full, of course it is going to rain and soggy everything. Ah well. I can drag soggy cardboard to the curb in a few days.

Dinner with Jenny. Trimming and taming the rosebush threatening to take over the front porch. Cutting roses for inside. Cutting lilacs for inside. Cutting peonies for inside. Basically filling the house with flowers. Eventually scrapping the garage entirely and opting for some couch time with a heating pad. The garage can wait until tomorrow.

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