Day 1

Eastern Market Adventure with my sister in law Bessie. Awesome! In spite of heavy (long) construction traffic both there and back, it was a great morning at the market. Such a fun multi-cultural experience. And the flowers… mmmm so beautiful! I stocked up on plants for the garden, only one flat of flowers (resisting a lot of temptation), and a bunch of produce.


Then home some planting. I got the tomato fencing (instead of cages) in the ground, and all the tomatoes planted. Still need to till and plant the rest of the garden though. It was sunny and gorgeous and naturally the neighbor was out, the entire time. Sigh. Privacy fence.  Jenny Pink came out and helped which was great. And, as always, the dirt is good therapy for me. 

And finally a birthday party with a bunch of my friends. So fun. Although by the time I arrived, the exhaustion of the day was hitting me hard. Something about taking a shower and finally sitting down is dangerous. Nonetheless, it was a great party with great friends, adorable munchkins, and good food.


And yes, I did fall asleep on the couch instead of doing laundry – fell asleep so hard I slept there until 5 am when I heard my alarm clock going off upstairs – oops.

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