Thoughts on Proximity

Proximity is a funny thing, isn’t it? And there are so many interesting places we could go with this discussion. Proximity prox·im·i·ty [prok-sim-i-tee], noun. nearness in place, time, order, occurrence, or relation.

Sometimes proximity is a wonderful thing. I enjoy close proximity with some of my good friends which is wonderful! I love that I can pop over there for an evening or ride my bike over. Close proximity to Dairy Queen could be a dangerous thing (although in my case, I manage to limit my visits there to about once a year, in spite of its close proximity).  It is great to be in relatively close proximity to my parish, a lot of my family, and many friends.

Here’s the proximity biting me in the tush right now:


This is my side yard. To the right you can see my veggie garden, where I love to spend hours and hours of time, spring, summer, and fall. To the left you can see the neighbor’s carport, grill, and smoking chair, where he likes to spend hours and hours of time, during every season, as far as I can tell.

Notice just how close those two are in proximity to each other. Yeah. That’s the new excitement around these parts (as if the chickens weren’t excitement enough!).  Gardening with an audience. And man is it AWKWARD!! Saturday the neighbor started grilling around 11, so I thought I’d give him plenty of time to finish his grilling and move on to other activities. So I headed out for some gardening around 2 pm. Still grilling. Sitting in his white chair in the carport with his cigarettes, Bud Light, loud music, and grilling away. For two hours. Watching me garden. AWKWARD! I decided to avoid eye contact because that made it even more awkward. I also thought that perhaps he would find it awkward and go inside. Nope. He finds it so not-awkward he even sang along to the music, with me there gardening 4 feet away. And had a very loud phone conversation, where he mentioned grilling ALL DAY at least 7 times, because hey, you’ve got it made when you can just move the grill under the carport in case of rain.

All of this close proximity is making me think this:

And this:

And this:

In spite of my little, tiny hedge I started planting, I’m thinking I may not be patient enough to endure this for a few years before going the direction of a privacy fence.


And then I have to decide which fence to get (probably the most affordable one) and whether or not to have a gate to close it in at the front or just leave it open. So many decisions…

This post has been brought to you by: Proximity. And Really Loud Music. Have a nice day!

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