Today I am thankful:
1. For great friends, listening ears, and awesome munchkins.
2. For the pups and the chicks, but necessarily the combination.
3. For living in a small town where I can walk 3 blocks to the library. As much as I am ready to move to the country, there are certainly advantages to living here in town. And for as long as I’m here, I do love this town.
4. For the approaching weekend.
5. For my baby sis being home from college.
6. For some of the greatest people in my life who all celebrate May birthdays.
7. For mothers. Mother Mary. My mother. My grandmothers. My sister who is a mother. My friends who are mothers. For all of the women who have mothered me and do mother me to this day.
8. For a good conversation with my sister who is far away.
9. For beautiful spring weather. Flowers blooming. Birds singing. For God’s beautiful world.
10. For my Father who calls me by name and calls me to Himself day by day.  

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