Ghetto coop

Today I had a morning with some buddies so we got up ridiculously early, played, decided it was too cold for morning coop alterations, so we ran some errands instead.

 Spring2012 001Spring2012 006

After they left, I attached the old Habitat Restore cabinet to the chicken coop to make nesting boxes. I think it’s going to work as I had hoped. I still need to put some dividers on the inside and figure out what kind of latch will keep the doors securely closed. But we’re a step closer!!

I have also been checking the paint mis-tint sections for some good exterior paint. The only ones I’ve seen so far were dark gray, so unexciting. I want something colorful for the chicken shack so I’ll have to keep scoping the mis-tint aisles.

I took these photos once I connected the nesting box cupboards and had to laugh. It looks SO ghetto!! But I’m hoping once I put the finishing touches on and paint the whole thing one uniform color, it won’t look quite so ghetto… I guess that remains to be seen. 

Spring2012 007Spring2012 008Spring2012 009

2 thoughts on “Ghetto coop

  1. That's awesome. I'm pretty sure that once this thing is finished you have to move the BOC to be outside dogs, and build them a large porch to live under, though.

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