The Adventure Begins


Operation Chicken at the Nichols Homestead got it’s official kick off on Holy Saturday when all three of us who live in the house hopped in the CRV and headed for Tractor Supply. My plan was to get 3 or 4 chicks. But TSC had a 6-chick minimum. So we left with 6 and will donate the extra survivors to my parents chicken supply (to which I owe a few replacements anyway).  Or if you want a couple chickens, call me. I will have a couple to donate.


Anyway, we went to TSC and left with food, pine shavings, chicks, and a lamp. I set them up initially in the recycle bin, because it was handy and available. Brought the second dog crate up from the basement and secured the chicks behind bars. Jenny is working on names for them. The dogs are going nuts.

I realize it really isn’t fair, having these smelly, tasty morsels so close and so tempting but out of reach. Not fair at all.

Alas, the chicks will go live at my brother’s house to be loved and handled often by his children before coming back to reside full time in the Homestead Chicken Shack, which needs a few repairs and a thorough check to be sure it is quite dog proof.

In the meantime, we’ve got poultry in the dining room folks. And the adventure continues…


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