One Dog, Two Dogs, Old Dog New Dog

No, I did not get a new dog. But here’s a perfect example of how things are around here between the old dog and the middle-aged dog (the one just outgrowing her puppyhood at age 7).  After a two mile bike ride, the Old Dog heads straight for the castle, finds herself a spot in the cool dirt in the shade and doesn’t move again until dinner is served. And then crashes in her bed for the remainder of the evening.


The other dog tears into the yard after the ride and immediately takes a dunk in the pool, drinking and swimming in a circle.


And then laps the yard. And laps it again. And barks at an oncoming dog, lapping the yard again.


And plays with her ball. Chasing it all over the yard.


And goes back in the pool for more drinking and swimming. DSC_6606

And finally she begs to be let into the house so she can rub her soggy self all over me in great excitement and affection.

There is no moral to the story. Maggie loves her bike rides but can barely last two miles. Suzie, on the other hand, does best when we go for a second loop on the bike after dropping the old dog at the house. Although the anguished howls of the old dog being left behind are really pathetic- even when she can barely walk!


There you have it, one dog, two dogs, old dog, new dog…

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