Glimpses of Spring

We are having unseasonably warm weather this winter.  There was a lot of hype over how hard the winter was going to be and now there’s a lot of hype over how much this indicates a frightening climate change. Ah well. Whatever it is or is not, I am not opposed to a lighter winter than usual and spring arriving a month early. 


Also, spring makes me feel like a person again. No matter how much other stuff I am contending with right now (and there is certainly stuff to contend with), spring and the return of green and growing and sunshine and an excuse to be outside… ahhhhh. sigh of contentment.  This wanna-be-farmer is very, very happy (and yes, I still want sheep). 

Today spring means flowers… gardens to uncover… and the patio door open so the dogs can come in and out… and fresh air… and sunshine… I LOVE SPRING!


One thought on “Glimpses of Spring

  1. I love spring too! We have been loving life and the ability to be outside 90% of our waking moments. I called last night to see if you wanted to go for a walk. Yea! Have a great day! (my email is down or I would have just emailed this)

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