Lately I am having two very strong, very opposing urges: 1) to run away and 2) to curl up and stay home. It’s weird. One minute I’m daydreaming about road trips, mapping out awesome routes that include stopping to see all of my long distance family and friends and all their adorable munchkins. Trying to figure out how I’m going to take the time off to make it happen. Mmmm road trips. 

And at the exact same time, a few weeks ago I had plans to go visit a friend and was super excited for the weekend—and by the time I hit the end of my completely frying week at work, the idea of packing a bag and driving even a few hours away for the weekend made me almost cry. “I just want to be Hhhooommmmeeee!” 


Sure, we could psychoanalyze me. It’s because my life is too frying. My job is too much. I want to run away from my life. From all of the insanity. And at the same time, I do just want to curl up and be home. I want to read on my couch. I want to sleep in. I want to catch up on projects. I desperately want to deep clean the bathroom and re-grout the tub. I just want to be hommmeee!!!

I know I know, I have problems. And there you have it.

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