I want a three season hedge along my vegetable garden (to separate me from the intrusive neighbors). I’ve thought for years that I want a hedge in there, because it would make it feel a little more private, but I loved my neighbor Marie who used to live there, so the hedge was just an some day dream.  Now I’m thinking someday dream ought to get started sooner. Or I should go ahead and buy my farm. 

Here’s what I want in my hedge:

forsythialilacroseofsharonburning bush

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Forsythia in early spring. Lilac in late spring. Rose of sharon in the summer. And burning bush for fall. And it would make my garden a little hidden haven… come on, let a girl dream.

One thought on “Dreaming…

  1. Awesome!!! If you're interested in a bit of winter color, rhododendrons and dogwoods are nice (the first is an evergreen, but not a “pine needle” type, and the second has red twigs in the winter months).

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