The Big Game

I keep getting emails in my junk email that say “Get ready for the Big Game” or “MVP Deals for the Big Game,” etc. Since I don’t care about sports at all, I keep trying to figure out what this Big Game is, and I’m guessing the Super Bowl, though I can’t be sure.
In the meantime, all I think when I hear “The Big Game” is THE Big Game on family vacation every year.  Family traditions (and especially vacations traditions) have a way of morphing from year to year. And The Big Game is one that began as a simple pick up game of baseball (tennis ball) one year and has become the highlight of vacation for a certain nephew of mine. And if it is so important to one sweet person, why not make it a tradition, right?

A couple years ago he approached Uncle Doug, the activities director on vacation, to plan for The Big Game. He finds Uncle Doug and begins, “So. When should we do the big game?”  Since this was a new tradition (one that only the year before had been a simple pick up game of little significance to most of us), my unsuspecting uncle didn’t know what this game was. “Big Game?” he asked innocently.  “The Big Game.” Geno pulled out his scrap of paper where he’d begun dividing up teams. He wrote up rosters of who he thought should be on each team. Oh. That big game. Right.

So here’s to the Big Game… the one that I actually care about… I wish it was coming up as soon as that other big game…


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