Life with a squeaker…

Last week when Suzie spent a day at the office with me, she discovered (again) how much she loves toys with squeakers. Craig gave her his dog’s office toy and she squeaked away on it for a bit in my office, reminding me of our own quiet home… not a squeaker to be found. It comes to this: Maggie un-squeakers toys even faster than she can un-stuff toys. So… in this home, we don’t buy dog toys of the squeaky or the stuffed variety very often, just isn’t worth it. 

The last one was one of those currently trendy toys that look like a dead animal but they don’t have any stuffing (hello right up our alley). But they are great fun to squeak and toss about as though they are a real raccoon. Somehow Suzie managed to keep it away from Maggie for over a week. But that one day she turned her back… yeah, 2.5 seconds later, the head was ripped open and the squeaker was gone. Done.

My last trip to Target I found another non-stuffed toy that holds a water bottle, so it makes all kinds of fun bottle squishing sounds when you chew it. I thought I’d give it a try. Suzie is pretty excited, tossing it in the air, squishing and chewing the bottle part, and finding some squeakers. Maggie is pacing, trying to figure out how to lure Suzie away from it so she can unsqueak it… and I sit here tiredly entertained at the whole scene and the joy caused by a cheap toy with a water bottle and a squeaker.

At the beginning of this post, I am pretty sure there was some correlation to my own life, but now I’m so distracted by my ridiculous dog chasing a toy with a squeaker I’ve lost all depth and have seriously just written a blog post about dog toys.

Maybe I should make this one of those “choose your own ending” stories:

The moral of the story:

A. Enjoy the squeaker while it lasts.

B. Don’t put all your squeakers in one basket.

C. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and keep your squeaker away from Maggie.

D. Yeah….

Okay, somebody put me out of my misery now Smile

One thought on “Life with a squeaker…

  1. Haaa ha! You make me laugh with your dog personalities. We don't have any stuffed toys either, Raven guts them in minutes and then eats the stuffing. She does love them though, when they were lasting a few days I'd pick a couple up at garage sales but now it's 10 minutes before the head is ripped off.

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