My niece Lucy recently told my mom, in her very matter-of-fact way, “I am the kind of person who needs a project.” I can relate. Lately I have been in survival mode (let’s be honest, most of 2011 felt like survival mode) and I recently told myself (outloud even) “Reenie, what you need are goals.”  Like Lucy, I am a person that needs a project. Goals. So here are my resolutions so far:

1. Fit work into my life, and not vice versa. I will not continue to sacrifice for a job that just sucks the life out of me. I will not continue to investing overtime hours I am not paid for. I cannot save the situation and the best way to survive it is to set healthy boundaries and walk out the door. (Much easier said than done). Call me on this when I’m not following this though— I’m going to need some help! 

2. Add a weekly Adoration hour back into my life. Just make it happen.

3. Lose weight.

4. Simplify.

5. Say NO (Hello NO-freaking-12)

6. Make time for creative outlets.

7. Finish the 90% done projects: the kitchen trim, paint the last cabinet door, touch up cabinets, etc. So many projects I just stop at 90% and never finish. I want to finish a bunch of those before starting new ones.

8. Branch out.

9. Survive the winter blues by making lists of fun things to do during the winter and then doing them!

Now I need to turn my resolutions or goals into an actual plan… stay tuned Smile

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