Usually stress makes my face break out in an unpleasant mess of acne. This time around, I’m blaming stress (and more specifically my job) for this eye nonsense. Nonsense you ask? What eye nonsense?

This eye nonsense:


We’re on to week three with the eye nonsense. It started just feeling like dry skin under my eye. And then started to get flaky, and red, and a little puffy. Now it is all three at once and with the deep set wrinkles under there, it’s a mess. One friend asked if I’d been crying… just out that one eye. Nope, just this weird eye thing. It isn’t really painful, but it doesn’t look great and it does sting some. This week it is spreading to my other eye. Oh great.

There’s been a lot going down at work the last few weeks (no surprise there) and thus I blame the eye nonsense very specifically on work drama. At home I always joke that I want to say to my boss that I need less drama and then say, “HAVE YOU SEEN MY EYE??” But of course in person, I don’t say it. I beg for less drama or beg to be out of the middle, but leave out the comment about the eye. Although I did think perhaps looking like I’m crying all the time might help my cause…

So after a particularly dramatic day at the end of last week, one of the bosses and I were standing next to each other looking for something. He suddenly looks at my face and says “What happened to your eye?”

Me: “It’s the stress, man, it’s definitely the stress”

He chuckled. “No seriously. Did someone hit you?”

I then had to explain that it’s some sort or rash or dry skin issue of unknown origin. So much for the sympathy.

I went to the drug store 2 weeks ago to get under-eye cream. Wanting to reduce the signs of aging (and stress), wrinkles (and puffiness), I even spent what I consider to be too much money for a brand name under eye cream claiming to have all of those magical powers. And yet, even using that 3 times a day, the flaky, dry, red nasty look continues. “HAVE YOU SEEN MY EYE?”

Last night, in a moment of insanity, I applied my Burt’s bees natural chapstick to under my eye figuring maybe, just maybe, that whole medicated stuff for dry skin would help. Instead the minty freshness of the chapstick just made my eye water and the medicated chapstick stung the sensitive under eye. It’s a no go… or maybe I just need different, non-minty chapstick. Or a better story… some kind of bar fight story perhaps… because seriously, HAVE YOU SEEN MY EYE?

3 thoughts on “HAVE YOU SEEN MY EYE?

  1. Might be time for a doctor's visit. Preferably during work hours… Seriously, sorry 😦 Like you need more things to stress you out! We're Getting better, I swear, and we should test out the effects of craft night on on under eye rashes. I miss you hope you feel better soon!

  2. You are a brave woman to go posting pictures! Have you tried straight-up vaseline/petroleum jelly? That's my cure-all for everything (this Minnesotan's equivalent to My Big Fat Greek Wedding's windex). Hope it clears up soon!

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