Quick Takes from the Homestead


1. You know you had caffeine too late in the day when it is 1.43 am and you are up writing a blog post instead of sleeping… and honestly had no idea it was this late. 

2. My house looks like Christmas has barfed all over it… there are Christmas gifts and projects strewn on the dining room table. Christmas baking all over the kitchen (not all mine, but plenty to go around). Empty decoration boxes in the living room. Must. Clean. House.

3. This is the third week in a row I was determined to cut my hours to something reasonable… naturally I aim for 40 hours, but when most of my days are 9-10 hours, it is hard to make that goal. Instead I managed the escape at 48 hours , 47 hours , and this week… 45. I managed to leave “early” today at 4. Oooh. Not to mention there is work drama going down. I suppose once No Drama November was over it was inevitable, but I really wasn’t planning on Double Drama December. Ah well. I’m happy to be off for a few days before more drama hits. 

4. A good friend and I decided on Wednesday (after a rough week or so for both) that we should declare it No Cry Wednesday and celebrate with Christmas projects and a bottle of cheap wine if we managed it. I am proud to report that No Cry Wednesday was a great success for both of us, although apparently her kids didn’t get the memo. Maybe in addition to my monthly themes (No Drama November, Delirious December), I’ll start adding in special themes for days of the week. Suggestions are always welcome… and by all means, feel free to join us for the next No Cry Wednesday.   Weepless Wednesday? Yeah, still working on a catchy title.

5. I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year, which was kind of awesome. The packages have been arriving one by one—even those last minute ones! Today I drove by Meijer, knowing I needed to stop for fondue supplies for Christmas, but the sight of the full parking lot made me turn right around. Made me appreciate my online shopping even more… and thank God for Country Market, which was delightfully uncrowded and allowed for a quick fondue supply trip. 

6. Blessing in disguise:  Every year I do this family calendar for my dad’s side of the family. It is a lot of work to put together (there are a lot of people to calendarize) but it is enjoyed by everyone year after year and isn’t something I can skip. Anyway, this year I was debating about what to do. In the past, I’ve printed them and copied them and bound them myself. This year I don’t have access to the same resources and I’ve been feeling generally overworked anyway, and it was feeling like just one more thing… so I broke down. A local office supply company had an in-store printed calendar special, a few bucks more than I pay for supplies when I do it all myself, but delightfully eliminating hours of calendar assembly (often on Christmas Eve). Seeing as I get 30 calendars printed, it wasn’t going to be cheap, but it seemed worth it to me. I got the calendar design finished and off to the printer last Sunday, calling to make sure they received the order and they assured me it would be ready for pick up on Thursday. I stopped at said office chain today and there was much confusion and whispering over the order. Finally they determined that they weren’t printed. Naturally concerned, I asked what we could do. They would start right now and have them ready tomorrow. Whew. Okay. I walked away a little disappointed at needing to do another trip, but happy they could still accommodate the large order. Just before I walked out, the manager came after me and informed me that because it was their major screw up, my order would be free. All 30 calendars!!  God is good.  As little as it was, I felt like it was a reminder from a Father that loves me that He is taking care of me- even in the little things. Thank you Lord for the reminder and for the free calendars (and please let them be done tomorrow).

7. I love the readings and prayers, especially in the liturgy, leading up to Christmas. Such beautiful reminders of our real focus for this season. The decorations are fun, the activities are great, but they are all meant to help us enter into the Mystery and the glory of the Incarnation. God becoming Man. And what that means that God truly chose to come as one of us, to be our Savior. To redeem mankind.  Let’s not lose sight of our real purpose here… the real reason for all of it. May He enter our hearts more deeply during this holy time!

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Homestead!

Dec2011 049

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