Not Pretty

It has been a grueling few weeks at work. Grueling. Awful. I’m buried and feel I will never dig out… I leave work every day feeling inadequate, disheartened, and blah. Two weeks in a row I was determined to leave work at 40 hours… last week I escaped at 48 hours and this week at 47… exhaustified and frustrated myself for not being able to extract myself sooner and cope with it all better.

Not to mention having a bunch of things going on in the evenings this week, so I haven’t been home much and, as I have mentioned before, this means Suzie is the neediest critter alive and Maggie is eating the bathroom trash. What? I thought we solved that! Oh yeah. Remember that $13 trash can for peace of mind? Total waste of money apparently. Somehow Maggie has managed to figure out how to open it and continues to eat the bathroom trash. Disgusting.

Apparently, I just need to be home more and find that elusive balance and learn to close the bathroom door- in spite of that new trash can.

The reality isn’t pretty these days, but I am hanging on to hope for better days.

3 thoughts on “Not Pretty

  1. Do you have space under the bathroom sink for a garbage can? btw, if you're anything like Mark – who has been known to return well-used toilet seats! (embarrassing but true) – you could return the garbage can that isn't Maggie-proof.

  2. So sorry 😦 I don't have anything profound to offer since you know my life situation right now too, but I can say that things will get better. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but ONE GLORIOUS DAY things will be better. And God said he would never flood the Earth again so at least we got that going for us too, right? πŸ™‚ Love you!! Maybe we can get together sometime in the next three weeks and do something productive together. Hope your night is good!

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