More punishment

It sure didn’t take Maggie long… without the bathroom garbage to eat and no more prescription drugs within reach…

Thursday night, Geno, Lucy and Jane came for the evening. Just before leaving they changed into PJs and loaded their clothes into the same bag and then forgot the bag on the way out the door. Oops. Thinking I’d just leave it there in the hall lest their mother decide to pick it up while I wasn’t home, I unwittingly provided the next phase of the punishment: Eating children’s toothbrushes and an unopened box of mac and cheese.

My roommate Leslie was the one to find the growling Maggie, standing over the empty mac and cheese box (no sign of noodles or any trace of a cheese packet) and some chewed up toothbrushes. Apparently Maggie doesn’t like the toothpaste though, because after a good chomp, she decided to leave the rest. We wouldn’t want to destroy things AND have good breath.

And the punishment goes on…

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