Food for the soul

Warning:  This post is abnormally long and contains a lot of aunt mush. and lots of pictures. and more aunt mush. don’t say you weren’t warned. Smile 

I got to spend Thanksgiving week with my sister and her family in Richland, WA. I flew out late Monday night, and, because my life is such an adventure, I decided to meet up with my friend Angelique during my layover in Minneapolis. So she paid for me to catch a cab to another friend, Mark’s birthday party where I got to visit with Mark and Betsy and their cute munchkins and Angelique for an hour before heading back to the airport. So awesome. Of course we ran into traffic at the airport at 9 pm so I almost missed my next flight, running through the airport to the furthest possible gate and boarding just before they closed the doors. Whew.

I arrived at the Veens to find the kids had decorated for me. Awww.

Fall2011 095

We did some photos … seriously, are they cute or what?

Fall2011 161Fall2011 156BFall2011 221Fall2011 208

Fall2011 193Fall2011 560

I got the family to myself Tuesday and Wednesday before the rest of the company arrived for the weekend. Kathleen and I did a lot of cooking and baking to prep for a house full for the rest of the weekend. Not to mention reading stories, playing in the leaves (68 degrees and sunny!!), and snuggling the new girlie. Eeeeee. She is smiling and just starting to coo. Did I mention how darling she is???

Fall2011 398Fall2011 403Fall2011 399Fall2011 401

Lisa and Glen and their four girlies arrived early on Thursday morning coming all the way from Montana. So much fun!! And Mark & Lisa’s parents, Fred and Anne arrived around noon on Thursday. Thursday was a busy day (8 kids, ages 7 and under always makes for a busy day). So much fun. We all made it to Mass in the morning and then on for a day of kid fun, diaper changing, nap rotating, food prep, and eating. When Kathleen and I were planning the menu for everything, I did note we had more dishes planned for Thanksgiving than people at the table. It was quite a spread!! Lisa brought her largest turkey raised in their yard. Everything was delicious and the company was spectacular.  So great to spend time with family and extended family. 

Saturday was Mary Grace’s baptism. Another great addition to God’s family!! Mark’s sister Paula and her family came down for the baptism and party – it was great to visit with them and fun for all the cousins to be together. 



(Cool fact: Mary Grace wore the same dress my mom made and Kathleen, Fiona, and I were all baptized in. Aawww)

Can you tell that Grandpa Fred is a favorite? (Okay I totally love him too).

DSC_5434Fall2011 532Fall2011 463Fall2011 496

It was a weekend of a whole lot of cute…

DSC_5260Fall2011 384Fall2011 305Fall2011 443Fall2011 263Fall2011 409Fall2011 276Fall2011 379Fall2011 121


Lisa and Glen and their family headed back to Montana and Paula and Eric and their family headed back to northern Washington on Saturday night.  Fred and Anne stayed for brunch and a card game Sunday and headed out. So Sunday afternoon and Monday were back to just the little family.

I flew out at the buttcrack of dawn on Tuesday. It was a long uncomfortable flight back since I’d managed to throw my back out again at some point over the weekend, but great to finally arrive home, in spite of the 36 degrees and rain. Oh Michigan. I miss my WA family already, but it’s still great to be home.

I am so thankful I could go meet Mary Grace and spend time with my sister and her darling family. I’m thankful I got to see Lisa and her family too. And it was delightful to be away from the office for a few days. I am so blessed!!

So there you have it – Thanksgiving adventures and Auntie mush.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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