More reality (it’s going to get old folks)

The Dream: Catch up on all the outdoor work, clean the house top to bottom, store all my summer clothes, purge my shoes, change the sheets, sew a new curtain for the bathroom, add shelves to the front closet, and clean the garage.

The Reality: I spent most of Saturday outside and made decent progress for one person:
– I pulled out the dead vegetable garden foliage, pulled up and stored the soaker hoses, coiled and put away the fencing, cages, etc

– trimmed (read: hacked nearly to the ground) the butterfly bush that was obscuring the dining room window
– pruned the out of control climbing rose (including extricating it from where it had grown into the siding)
– planted a potted mum
– pulled out dead foliage from front garden
– rearranged (ish) the shed to fit all the garden stuff, while noting how badly I need to put together the wood rack and get the last of the wood out of the shed so I can get all the garden stuff and the patio furniture in there (maybe next weekend)
– washed the inside and outside of the bay window
– repotted a few houseplants
– cooked a couple pie pumpkin and froze the pumpkin for future baking

– washed the filthy ceiling fan in the kitchen
– kicked the ball for the dogs
– and then at the end of the day, I showered, got dressed, and went out for an evening with friends. Oooh look at me with a social life 🙂

So… in the end, I did not accomplish everything I wanted to (because that is completely unrealistic) BUT I did use my Saturday well and got a lot done.

This is Saturday, brought to you by Reality and the letter M.

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