Old Habits Die Hard

Apple season is one of the many things I love about fall. A few weeks ago I had plans to applesauce with two crowds so I needed to go get my apples. I’ve been going to Wasem’s Fruit Farm for as long as I can remember and I love it. As usual, the building smelled of donuts and cider, mmmmm. As I began picking drops (the ones that are on the ground), I realized that in my many years of going to Wasem’s, I had never once picked apples from the trees. Not once!!

Growing up, we always picked drops (for those of you not familiar with cheap apple terminology, drops are apples that have already fallen to the ground). We would pick bushels and bushels and bushels of them. It was simple: drops are cheaper. We’d go home and turn them into quart upon quart of canned applesauce, sometimes with friends, sometimes on our own. We’d eat apples for weeks. We’d make and can apple pie filling. Mmmm apple season.

Of course, I remember in my childhood thinking how cool it would be to pick apples from the actual trees. Oooh ahhh. But look at me now. Apparently I can’t shake the thriftiness and as I crouched under those apple trees, realizing that here in my thirties, I have yet to ever go to an orchard and just pick from the trees, I began questioning why I would even want to pick from the trees. Sure, some of the apples are a bit easier to reach.

But mostly, they are the same. Separated by such a short distance… and exactly half the price.

While picking, I did observe a few differences I should warn you about:

The slugs (although having never picked directly from the trees, maybe the tree apples have slugs too). I generally just flick them off the apple with a stick.

The mud- drops are definitely dirtier than tree apples. So you will have to wash your apples, which you were going to do anyway.

You do have to avoid these ones…

And there’s the times you grab an apple that looks perfect and you turn it over to find this… ewww.

But honestly, the ones on the ground are just as good as the ones in the tree… and they are half the price!! Right. That’s it in a nutshell: Drops are cheaper and just as good. Why would I ever pick them from the trees? Yeah, I might be beyond hope. And yes, I may be turning into my mother…

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