You know you have those moments you realize just how blessed you are? This weekend has been full of those moments.

Wednesday night I was processing and posting pictures from last weekend’s wedding which just reminded me of what a gift friendship is. I met Teresa in jr. high at girl’s camp and we became friends for life. We have never lived in the same state, we aren’t even particularly good at keeping in touch, and yet, we have a solid friendship that continues to stand the test of time and distance. God is good.

Thursday I had dinner with my friends Anne and Tim and their adorable munchkins. Although they live a whopping five minutes away, it is always entirely too long between visits. The kids are dear, and even remember, me which is impressive. And catching up and spending time with the whole family was just soooo great– food for the soul.

Friday I connected with a friend via email, again, long overdue. And then I even left work a bit early because the new guy at work was buying the first round of beer. I work with great guys. There is a friendship and camaraderie, particularly among those of us in the office — the daily grind– and it was nice to hang out and to realize how blessed I am to work with people I like. So although there are a lot of things to work through in my job, I do love my guys.

From there I got in the car to meet friends for dinner and called my newest friend to chat. We met because we were both bridesmaids for our mutual friend Teresa. So I met the other two bridesmaids in September and seriously, they are some pretty awesome ladies. As we shared the joy and craziness of the wedding this past weekend, we were marvelling that a month ago we didn’t know each other at all and now feel like we’ve been friends forever. What a gift. Anyway, so I called Kate to chat and catch up a bit. She’s fabulous and I definitely wish she lived approximately 12 hours closer…

I arrived at my destination for dinner with some of my oldest and dearest friends. I have known both Amy and Sarah for as long as I can remember, and though we are separated by many miles and different life situations, we can always pick up where we left off and enjoy each other’s company. Absolutely delightful! Not to mention the cute baby, the awesome husband, and fabulous Mexican food.

And then today I hung out with Sarah again, had dinner with Sarah and my awesome homie Jenny, and then talked with one of my other dearest long distance friends on the phone. I really don’t know how I am so blessed. Oh there are struggles, there is heartbreak, there is pain. And yet, I choose to be thankful and in making the choice to be thankful, I am rewarded and built up and strengthened. God is good! I am so very blessed!

See what I mean? My life is awesome.

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