No Drama November

Last year I somehow came up with the *ahem* brilliant idea of No Drama November. It just seemed like the thing to do after a rather dramatic year… this year has, sadly, not been less dramatic. In fact, the last couple months have been very intense and certainly have had their fair share of drama.

Thus my overwhelming excitement about No Drama November. And this year I have no plans of interviewing, quitting a job, getting a new job, keeping things going at the old job, etc. to derail this year’s No Drama November. No sirree. This year I’m living up No Drama November.

I am trying to think of a good description, a “how to” guide so to speak for living a No Drama November. My original plan was to wear my NDN sweatshirt all month, so any time anyone tries to draw me into their drama, all I have to do is point “uh, sorry, No Drama November.” But honestly, the name really does say it all. Take a month off from the drama. Let stuff roll off your back even more than usual. Refuse to be involved in other people’s drama.

Happy No Drama November!!

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