I went to the chiropractor today, my first ever visit to a chiropractor. It was my second recommendation, but since the first one said they could squeeze me in sometime mid-November, the second choice sounded better and better, especially when they had a late afternoon appointment. Whew. It was a rough day at work- sitting at my desk, working on my computer, having to stand up regularly… yeah, it was torture… I am not good at being sick and/or injured.

One of the forms I filled out for the chiropractor was your health history- beginning before birth. What? I don’t actually know how many hours my mom was in labor. I just simply don’t know! I know I was 9 lbs, 5 oz. Born at home at our Whitmore Lake house with the doctor. I know my Aunt Theresa was there (and swore she didn’t want her own children after the experience). And that a guy from the community brotherhood showed up for dinner, not knowing the plans for the day had changed. And yes, every time I have seen this particular brother he has told me that he was there the day I was born. But sorry, I haven’t asked the nitty gritty details like how many hours my mom was in labor. It also asks about falls, punishment as a child (yes, I was spanked), accidents… woah, I can’t say I took note of most of my childhood falls. I did remember to mention the bike riding, flipping over the handle bars incidents with Maggie many years ago, and that seemed to be sufficient.

Anyway, questions like these do call into question what this appointment will be like… I’m all about a full health history, but this does seem to be taking things a little far? Not to fear, I liked the chiropractor, he explained why they ask and seemed pretty down to earth. I described my current issue, and questioned if my vertigo could also be related to chiropractic issues. Then I stand up and he starts his measurement stuff… apparently I can’t turn my head like I should. My hips are uneven, my shoulders are uneven, my pelvis is twisted… you name it. He kept saying “You aren’t going to make this easy on me, are you?” Uh. So we did a full set of xrays and then he started some adjustments. There was a surprising amount of crunching… ewww… and yet they didn’t hurt and it kind of felt good, relaxing almost (other than the hideous crunching that accompanied some of the adjustments). He wants me to come back a couple times this week… uh… I’m leaving town at 5 pm Wednesday for a weekend wedding and need to be able to walk down the aisle (no, I’m not getting married, I’m standing up for my friend T at her wedding ;).

So, after some productive crunching, the back pain wasn’t significantly less, but I was feeling a tiny bit better and feel at least we’re making progress. We set an appt for 5 pm tomorrow for a second set of adjustments and hopefully we’ll have made enough progress for me to walk comfortably again and make it through the eventful weekend.

2 thoughts on “Crunchy…

  1. Interesting…I've always wanted to know what a chiropractor visit looks like…too bad it wasn't an even funnier, more ironic visit but this is probably best for all. Hope it helps today!

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