While not the most productive I’ve ever been, I am pleased to report that I’m managing some progress. So far:
– make important phone call, leave message
– go downstairs and begin folding a literal mountain of laundry
– throw in a load of dog blankets
– wipe down canning stove
– wash canners and put away
– notice dead centipede near laundry sink
– throw in a load of pillows from the family room
– light several candles, mmmm vanilla…
– have mental discussion with self over how many is too many rag towels and debate whether to cut some down to be small absorbent rags
– remember Suzie is back on steriods and decide to delay cutting down large rags into small rags since it is her steriod use that usually causes Lake Suzie in the kitchen
– light stack of said rag towels on fire by setting them on top of a lit candle on the now clean canning stove
– notice smell of something burning
– put out fire without incident
– throw singed towels in wash with more dog blankets, deciding some of them are now candidates for being cut into smaller rags – decision made!
– start a recycle bin for all the laundry soap containers lurking around the room waiting to someone to recycle them
– dust play kitchen, put toy food in correct bins
– let dogs eat cheezits out of the depths of basement counch
– fold blankets, rearrange pillows
– make mending stack on sewing desk
– “watch” Mr. Holland’s Opus while folding laundry and starting a summer clothes pile to put away
– make Suzie happy by folding her blanket on the floor so she can nap at my feet
– dust corners of family room
– think about how badly the family room rug needs replacing… or at least cleaning
– think fondly of Karen and her carpet cleaner and wish I was with her down visiting Alexis… maybe next time
– check facebook and find Karen’s key location, carpet cleaning can happen tomorrow! yay!
– get distracted writing long boring update on blog
– return to the basement and keep going??

3 thoughts on “Progress-ish

  1. Jo–
    1. No, I started around 8 pm and went till midnight (and the place is far from done or clean).
    2. The centipede is still in the same bucket, dead, under the laundry sink. Must deal with that today.

  2. I love that noticing the centipede made the progress list. When Mark asks how may day was, I will start adding “noticed dust everywhere” to my list of accomplishments! 🙂

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